Winning. I can feel it.

Today lets talk about winning.

Winning is objective. If three people line up to run the I’m a Winner 5K, the first person to cross the finish line knows definitively that they won the race.

Winning can also be subjective. The second and third place runners can find personal success in their performances that provide victories. Let’s hypothesize that runner three had never even run a mile before signing up for the I’m a Winner 5K. Even if runner three took double the time  of runner one to finish the race, he still feels the victory of completing something he put his mind to. He was victorious over himself and his desire not to do hard things.

Often times, problems arise when we unnecessarily intertwine the two. There is no way of quantifying emotional victories or set backs, so why do we so often try to measure our emotional successes or failures against those around us?  Why do we try to race across the finish line of My Life is Harder Than Yours 5K? How often have we heard the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” If we continually look for ways our life is harder than the person next to us, all we are going to find are the reasons our life is harder than the person next to us. You WILL find what you look for.

Today I challenge you to look for something in your life that makes you happy.  Want to know what makes me happy today?  A heater blowing hot air on me as I look out the window and see bright blue skies. Summer is almost here. I can feel it. Kind of. 🙂

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