Are you loyal to you?

Loyalty. Is there a person out there who doesn’t want somebody in their corner giving them encouragement and constant support? Loyalty is worth fighting for. If loyalty is a desirable trait in others, wouldn’t it follow that it is important in ourselves? Are we loyal to ourselves? In a world where people get so much affirmation from social media, it seems almost impossible not to filter life to meet other’s expectations. On average I probably snap about 5 pictures of my kids a day. Sometimes the kids are being cute, sometimes they are being naughty, and other times I just want to catch that memory. I constantly catch myself evaluating them for their postability. The check list is usually something like this:

Is the house clean? (read: Have I cropped out the clutter, moved the bread crust from breakfast off the couch, and thrown away the latest round of diapers?)

Are we doing something fun? (read: Everyone should know that I do fun things and they should want to be my friends.)

Do the kids look adorable? (read: Have  I dressed them yet? If its before noon don’t count on it.)


Instagram Reality


Authentic Reality

As I edit my reality, I am losing the opportunity to be loyal to myself. I am realizing more and more that as I edit myself into a mold, I lose the opportunity to connect with the people around me. Being around perfection is exhausting. Having a continual reminder of all the things I could and should be doing better doesn’t make me want to know a person better, seeing flaws and struggles that I can understand and relate to does! Authenticity invites others to know my real struggles, joys, and triumphs.

Today choose one way to be more authentic. I am confident it will lay the foundation toward more meaningful, lasting relationships.

(If you are willing, consider posting what you choose to do!)

One thought on “Are you loyal to you?

  1. Mountain Mom says:

    I think this is a big issue in the social media world. I always try to include photos/description of what it REALLY takes to get outdoors with kids, not just the few pretty photos that actually turn out.


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