Defining Success

This past summer we were given some outdoor furniture. The rocking chair didn’t have any cushions. I figured I could get on Pinterest and find some DIY approach to these cushions. I found several posts but they were all above my ability so I decided to wing it. The further along I went the more pleased I was with my progress. I was actually doing it. Then it came time to sew up the finishing seam. My mother is a wonderful seamstress and I knew if she was doing this project she would make sure the seam was straight and the fabric lined up.  For a little while I kept doing it how I knew she would do it. Then I had a realization. The way my mother did it wasn’t important to me. That seam was on the back of the cushion. Nobody would ever see it. So why was I spending unnecessary effort and time doing something that wasn’t important to me? I was doing it because that’s what I thought would make the project a success to my mother.

How often do we let somebody else define what our successes are or should be? When I was making that cushion, my mother wasn’t looking over my shoulder telling me I was inadequate. I was projecting that on myself. Choose to be in control of you, don’t give that power to someone who isn’t even looking for it.

 Your success doesn’t happen to you. It happens because of you. -Grant Cardone

Once I realized that my view of the cushion was all that mattered, I stopped using my mom’s constraints. I finished the cushion the way I thought made sense. As it turns out, I am still really proud of that cushion.

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