You are the driver


I know today, there are lots of people using Google Maps or Apple Maps to get them where they are going. It wasn’t that long ago that plug in GPS units helped people get where they were going. They were pretty handy at keeping the driver on track. The Garmin model I used would give the preferred route and then if I got off track it would automatically reroute to help me get where I wanted to go. motivation-to-change As it was rerouting, it would tell me it was calibrating. It was using the information available to take the BEST AVAILABLE route.

Think how useful this same approach could be in your individual interactions.


Honey does this look ok?

Yeah, sure.

What do you mean sure? 


I mean you look great.

I’m not saying calibrating is about giving people what they want just to make them happy. I am suggesting that we take in the information around us and use it to get back on the best possible course. Pay attention to the effect your interactions have on your relationships. How are you making people feel? If you KNOW you upset your sister, talk to her about what happened and reroute. If you KNOW you made your spouse feel dumb in front of somebody else, apologize and find ways to avoid it in the future. If we choose to reroute right after we get off course it’s a lot easier to get back on track. If we drive on the interstate for five days before turning around to get back to our exit, it’s going to require a lot more time and effort to get back to our original destination. YOU ARE THE DRIVER. Choose to be in charge of your destination. Don’t rely on your passengers to get you where you want to be.

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