Personal Trainers

My brother and I recently had a discussion about the connotation of different words. If I say I am coaching somebody to help them have better self esteem, that is a completely acceptable approach. If I say I am training somebody to get this same result, it all of a sudden becomes an entirely different matter. Somehow, if I say I am training you, it takes out your personal choice in the matter. All of a sudden you are just one of Pavlov’s dogs.


Training, however, is not a negative thing. Training is what allows us to reach our potential in any number of situations. If you want your toddler to start using the toilet, do you simply put them in a pair or underwear and tell them from now on they are to stay dry and use the toilet? No. You have to give them the tools they need to be successful. This includes showing them what to do and then following up to ensure they understand what is expected. If you want to compete in any sort of athletic event, you don’t just show up and hope everything will work for the best. You work, and you work hard to reach your peak performance.You work hard to meet your own expectations. When you start a new job, do you just sit down and start doing exactly what was expected of you? No. You don’t have the capability yet because you don’t know the expectations.

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. -Archilochos

Training gives us the capability to meet expectations. If you have expectations in your life that you don’t feel you are currently reaching, take a personal inventory. What is one thing that you would like to be moving toward? Make one goal. What is one thing you can repeatedly do, that will move you toward your goal? Choose to be your own personal trainer. Put in enough work that your training aligns with your expectations.

One thought on “Personal Trainers

  1. Sally Hill says:

    I have always been interested in words. Think of the difference when a dad says, “I am hanging out with my kids tonight.” vs “I am baby sitting my kids tonight.” One implies he sees the time as buddy time with his kids, the other implies that he considers himself a part time parent who is taking a shift. I think the word “train”, has more than just Pavlov dogs against it. It is almost always used to show a superior/ teacher/ supervisor/ parent bringing a subordinate of some kind into compliance with the rules and expectations required to succeed. Any student/ athlete/ artist undoubtedly trains for success but it takes humility and trust to accept someone as your trainer. So the idea of being your own trainer is pretty interesting. Do I have a clear enough vision and do I have enough knowledge and do I trust myself enough to be my own trainer? If not, who am i willing to follow and learn from in order to get to where I to be? Thanks again for a great post to make me think.

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