When I was about 21 years old, I decided I wanted to go on a cruise. I had never done spring break and I found a killer deal on a 7 day cruise and the associated airfare.  I told myself that I didn’t need to go on excursions and pay the extra money for day trips, and that would keep the cost low. That was my plan, until I got on the ship. Then once I saw all of the fun options, (repelling over waterfalls and zip lining through jungles anyone?)  my self control faltered.


To make a very long and complex financial story short, I stopped paying things like rent and phone bills. I had creditors calling constantly looking for payment. It was incredibly stressful. I didn’t sleep well at night as I would lie awake thinking of possible ways to make more money. There were few. I was working full time and going to school full time and I had put myself in a very stressful situation.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

In order to dig myself out of that financial hole, I had to admit there was a problem. I couldn’t keep ignoring it and hope for it to go away. Then I had to get to work. I had to make changes and stick to them.

We all have our own things that we know need to change. Whether it’s financial, emotional, or physical there are things we can focus on now that will allow us to get better. The key is to acknowledge the problem. Identify one thing you can work on that will improve your quality of life and get started. Make your financial/emotional/physical health a priority and start improving. Plant your tree today!

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