Emotional DNA

DNA. It’s pretty fascinating. It codes what our physical attributes, predispositions, and responses are almost immediately. We have zero input into our DNA. It was given to us from day 1. Sometimes we can take actions to counteract our genetics.  If you have a predisposition for diabetes you can choose to eat healthy foods in order to give yourself the opportunity to avoid diabetes. Notice I didn’t say you WILL avoid it. Rather you have the OPPORTUNITY to avoid it. I’d suggest that we have emotional DNA that is very similar. Our emotional DNA is coded differently. It is coded through our experiences.

I grew up in a very large family. I also liked to eat. A lot. (I still do…) My mentality was to get what I wanted before someone else did.  If I waited at the dinner table for seconds, it was entirely likely all the food would be gone before I got to seconds. As a result, I was continually loading up plates that could have been for my teenage brothers, not an 8 year old girl. My mother was constantly telling me to think about the next guy. As a child, this refrain equated in my mind to my mom saying eat less. However, as I got older, I found myself almost unwilling to eat the last cookie, or take the last gulp of that drink. It wasn’t even a conscious response. I didn’t ever really notice this until I got married. My husband and I would go out to dinner and bring home our leftovers. I’d go to eat them later and they were gone. We’d go on a road trip, and I would reach for a drink only to realize it was gone. I didn’t need any of those things. I wasn’t being picked on. But in my mind it felt important that he “think about the next guy.”

While that is a pretty minor example of emotional coding, it still illustrates the fact that we each come with experiences in our lives that cause us to react to situations differently. Our emotional coding is unique to our experiences. Just as we can make changes to try and counteract our genetic coding, we can give ourselves the opportunity to counteract our emotional coding. If you are prone to low self confidence, you can take active steps to reduce its effect on your life.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered. – Ralph Waldo

Affirmations can be very beneficial in helping us remember we have worth. If you constantly tell yourself you are a weed, that’s what your brain will default to. Affirmations don’t take away the self doubt and negative talk, but they give you something else to focus on when your brain tries to diminish you. Give your brain the OPPORTUNITY to succeed.

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