The Pattern in Cartoons

Running is a pretty simple sport. You put on your shoes, go out the door, and hit the pavement. Just like anything, there are varying degrees of running, from casual to Olympic. I recently read an article  suggesting a link between breathing patterns and injury. The runner kept injuring the same leg so he decided to change his breathing pattern.

We all have established patterns in our lives. I can tell you every morning my kids will pound on the door between 7 and 7:15. The first thing my son will do is ask for milk and my daughter will cry until I pick her up. We sit down to watch cartoons until sister is calmed down and I can start my day. This is like clock work.

The variation in this pattern is how long we watch cartoons. If we watch cartoons for an hour before starting our day, kids are happy but still productive. If we watch cartoons for three hours before getting moving they are petulant and fight me all day.  I know the first variation of the pattern will help my day go better and be less frustrating. So why do I allow the second pattern to even be an option? Sometimes I am tired. Unmotivated. Unwilling. I want to  be done with responsibilities. I want my day to be easy. So I take the easy way out. I turn on the tv and check out. However in my quest for easy, I am being self defeating. I am taking a short term win and a long term loss.


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. – Henry Ford

The interesting thing about patterns is you typically have to look for them using a wide lens. If you are too close to the pattern all you see is the square in front of you. If you take twenty steps back you can see the square circle triangle, square circle triangle. If there is one particular area of life that is giving you frustration, try to take a few steps back. Identify the patterns that lead to the frustration and work toward a change.  Don’t expect it to change overnight. If you have established a pattern, it is a lot like a habit. You will default to it, especially on down days. It will take time to change. But the first step in changing the pattern is recognizing it.

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