Baby’s Got her Blue Jeans On

Several years ago I went on a trip to Alaska. It was my first time ever going and I was really excited. I got up there excited to play. We spent a day fishing in the ocean and having a great time. The next day I woke up and I couldn’t stand up straight. I had completely thrown out my back. I spent the rest of my trip bent at nearly a 90 degree angle. I still had a fun trip and made some really funny memories. Where the story really begins is after I got home.

I was able to get normal function in my back soon after I got home. Then a couple weeks later my back went out again. I needed help to walk up my stairs. I would fix the symptoms temporarily but the problem wouldn’t go away. I had herniated discs that I wasn’t taking care of. I was being stubborn. I was convinced I wasn’t going to let my body be in control of me. I was stronger than that. However, every time I tried to be stronger I would have another set back. Why? Because I wasn’t addressing the root of the problem. In my attempts to be strong I was literally weakening myself at the core.


How many times do we have things we WANT to be? We WANT to be amazingly organized. We WANT to be perfectly fit. We want to be, we want to be, we want to be. The desire to be more is a great desire. That desire can motivate us to reach higher heights. However that desire can also be detrimental if we only focus on what we want instead of where we are. Think about that pair of skinny jeans you want to get back into. It is not negative to want to look good. It is negative if you throw away all of the pants you own and say you won’t wear any pants until you fit what you want. Focus on ways you can improve in the now while focusing on the future. Don’t be so focused on who you want to be someday that you neglect who you are today.

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