Investing Strategies

Investing in the stock market is one of those things that seems out of my reach. I can contribute to a 401K and know that its being put in the stock market, but to actually do the work on individual stocks, while building a portfolio, is overwhelming to me. Luckily all I have to do is google “investment strategies” and I get 8,980,000 suggestions. That’s a lot of people wanting to tell me how to invest my money.


What about investing of a different nature? What about investing in yourself? Does that feel like that is out of your reach? Does it feel overwhelming?

When you take care of every area of your life and you’re growing in every area, that’s when life becomes extraordinary. Stefan James

 So many times we feel that in order to be successful at something we need to be perfect at it. An authority on it. The best at it. But why? I can take care of my health by making sure I eat a meal three times a day.  Notice I didn’t say perfectly balanced meals with kale salads and a low glycemic index.Housework is the never ending story. I can take care of my house by picking up clutter. I don’t have to have everything dusted to make it feel clean and organized.  When you find small successes in one area of life it automatically makes it easier to find them in other areas.

And just in case this doesn’t work, you can always google “invest in yourself” and you will come up with 33,4000,000 suggestions. 🙂



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