Cleaning Out The Closet

Recently we were given a TON of Thomas the Train paraphernalia. I was constantly cleaning up tracks and trains until I had a great idea. Why not put them in the unfinished basement? There is all sorts of room to lay out the tracks and I wouldn’t need to worry about cleaning them up after each time they were played. The only disadvantage to the plan was that the trains ARE downstairs. Every time my son wanted to play he wanted me to go down with him. He didn’t want to be by himself in the basement.

Today he asked if he could please play with the trains upstairs. I was in a giving mood so I said yes. I packed up all the trains and tracks and started bringing them upstairs. In my mind I was grumbling. “My whole house is a mess and I am spending time cleaning up toys to take upstairs. Nobody would ever see that mess.”

This got me thinking.

Why did it matter if somebody was going to see the mess? Why should that be my motivation to clean something up? In our daily lives we can’t choose to “clean up” or work on the things that we think somebody might see. Rather we might really need to go into the basement and find the things that nobody will ever know about.

One such thing I’ve been working on is honesty. I don’t tell “big” lies. But I am prone to tell little lies.  Especially to my husband. How much did you spend today? Oh like 40. (It was really 49.99 but 40 sounds better than 50.)  In the long run that lie wont have any bearing on how people see me. But it will have lots of bearing on how I see myself. If I can’t be honest to the most important person in my life about trivial things then there is work to be done.

Lies are practice for more lies. The more you lie, the easier it gets and the better you get at it. If you do not take strict measures to control the temptation, lying can become a habit to the extent that situations frequently require you to decide not only how to phrase an answer to a question but even whether or not to lie about it. – Carolyn Ray. Link Here.

It hasn’t been fun to work on this. Every time I lie I sit there and mull it over for a few minutes and then have to fess up that I lied and then STILL tell the truth. I don’t like having to admit to the fault but each time I do it, it makes me stronger and less likely to tell the lie in the future.


Take a look in your basement. Find something that nobody knows you need to work on but you. As you do, you will get stronger from the climb.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out The Closet

  1. Sally Hill says:

    I love this post. “Cleaning house” is personal and should be done for the right reasons. What you know and believe about yourself is way more important than the impressing others.


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