Stress can kill you – but only if you let it

I am always working on side projects. In the past two weeks, I’ve completed two freelance proposal projects and 5 transcription projects. Add that to my blog, being a mom, wife, housekeeper, friend, daughter,  and I run out of time in the day. When I’ve got a lot of side projects, the cleanliness of my house suffers. When my house is on point, I’ve often neglected relationships. At times it feels impossible to do it all.

Stress is a two headed beast. It can motivate us to move or it can overwhelm us and stop us in our tracks. What makes the difference? Like so many other things, it can be all about perception. This study found a that people who had significant amounts of stress AND who believed stress was harmful had a higher risk of premature death. People who had significant amounts of stress but did not believe stress to be harmful didn’t have any higher rater of premature death than normal.   The perception of stress had a bigger impact than the actual amount of stress.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. William James

Stress doesn’t need to be a negative thing in our lives. We can choose to use stress as a way to help us accomplish more of what we want. When I’m stressed by my inability to get everything done, I make a list. I take control of my days by checking off boxes. I almost never get everything checked off but I do find accomplishment in getting more done than I would have without the list. I could choose to be frustrated that I didn’t get everything done. Instead I choose to be satisfied with my progress. I choose a positive thought in a negative situation.


As I type this post this morning, I have my daughter clamoring for my attention. (Just as she does every single morning.) I used to try and sit her down in front of a cartoon while I tried to utilize my morning, but it never worked. She still just wanted to be with me. Instead of being frustrated with my inability to have a distraction free morning, I have started to choose a positive in a negative situation. My daughter now co-authors most of my posts. It’s not as efficient as I’d like but we both are happier when I’m done. Make the most of your ability to chose. Find positives in negative situations and take a step toward better mental health.


One thought on “Stress can kill you – but only if you let it

  1. Kristi says:

    You’re such a good mother! I love hearing that others are in the same boat as me & positive ways to try and move through the stress, chaos & beauty that life is. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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