Running Into Fear

Running is awful. Running is wonderful. I can think both thoughts within a five minute span and be equally convinced of its truth at the time. I initially started running as a weight loss measure, but the longer I ran, the more I realized that running helped me to practice mind over body. Did you know that in marathon training, most plans never call for a full run of 26.2? The longest run is usually in between 18-22 miles. The idea being that if your body is able to run the 18-22 miles in a practice run then it is capable of running 26.2 on race day. The bigger obstacle is getting your mind to believe you are capable of the 26.2.

What are you capable of that you have a hard time getting your mind to believe? Does your mind believe you are capable of accomplishing anything you are determined to do? My mind doesn’t believe I can successfully write this blog. The day after I decided to start writing, I had already talked myself out of doing it. It is easier, by far, to think about doing something, than to actually start doing it. I paid some money, got my site live and started getting followers, my mind still said to stop. “You will only be able to write about so many things before you run out of new material.”  My brain tells me this often, or another one of it’s favorite’s, “You can’t sustain this.Just stop now.” Why do I have this fight?  Because I am letting fear have far too much say. My FEAR doesn’t believe I can successfully write this blog. My INSECURITY doesn’t believe I will have enough valuable things to say.

Just like in so many other areas, we choose to believe the negative over the positive. Why do we default to self doubt instead of self confidence? Maybe it’s cultural, maybe it’s psychological, maybe it’s a conditioned response, maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the reason, we keep doing it. I’ve found the best remedy is to surround yourself with people who see your worth even when you don’t. When you can’t believe in yourself, believe in the people who do. As they lift you up, you will begin to see the truth in what they say. They will give you you’re strength until you find your own.

4 thoughts on “Running Into Fear

  1. kristi says:

    I realized how real this is to me just this morning.. You know your body doesn’t like to lose weight so just quit all of this now. Why torture yourself for months just to have after pics to prove that your body doesn’t like to change. I realize this is just the negative voice in my head but man it’s hard to fight it when you’re torturing yourself on the treadmill, lol. I’m so grateful to have a strong circle of support. I’m so lucky to have you as one of the ones cheering me on!

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  2. Sally Hill says:

    I really appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of this post. You said we should surround ourselves with positive people… maybe this is a call to me to be a more positive person.. to believe in and encourage others. I know that I limit myself because of the very things you talk about in your post… but as a mother, wife, friend, sister, ect it bothers me that I sometimes pass on my doubts to others. Maybe my kid really could do anything he/she wanted to, why do I have to be the realistic voice telling/thinking of all the reasons that his/her dream might not come true.

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