Breaking your own shell

The longer I write these posts, the more I realize how important choice is to a happy life. Two sisters can be raised in almost an identical situation and they can take completely opposite paths. We all experience life in different ways.  My sister is a stickler for details. She loves the nitty gritty of numbers and dates. I don’t really care. She called me yesterday to talk about birthdays of the grandkids in our family. I’ve never even tried to keep them all straight. (In my defense there are 49 grandkids already…) Her ability to pay attention to detail is a strength in her life, and my ability to go with the flow is a strength in mine. That being said, what stresses her will be different than what stresses me. We can both be in the same situation and have completely different experiences.

One thing that doesn’t change is our individual choice. If we choose to be reactionary to our circumstances, we are putting ourselves on a path for frustration and disappointment. I saw this post by successambassador on Instagram a while back and I have been thinking about it since.


If we live our lives as victims of our circumstances we are letting outside forces act upon us. We let outside forces break us. However, if we can choose to take our circumstances and get better not bitter we can transform ourselves. We go from a wet sloppy mess with no ability to act for ourselves to a new life in charge of our own destiny.

You have the ability to be in charge of your life. You have the ability to make your life what you want. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE! Choose to be in charge of your happiness, and break your shell from the inside!

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