Keeping Life Balanced

My day has been pretty good so far, I’ve been potty training my daughter, babysitting a nephew, and hanging out with my son. The worst part about my day was when I burnt my finger while making macaroni & cheese. As far as days go, it’s a pretty easy one.  This isn’t always the case. Some days I am going from morning til night and still don’t have everything done. When I start getting very many of those days in a row, I start to feel overwhelmed and under prepared. I ran across this quote today and it sang to my soul.

It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it. Lou Holtz

 If you were going on vacation and needed to take your clothes, hygiene essentials, shoes, makeup, sunscreen, swimsuit, and beach towel would you put them all in your arms and carry them onto the airplane? What about sending your kid to school? Would all of their books, pencils, papers, and assignments be sent in their arms? No Way. You would use a suitcase for your trip, and a back pack for your child. Nobody would want to take much with them if they were always dropping things and trying to pick them back up.

It’s the same in life. If we feel like we are always dropping things, its hard to want to try and move forward let alone toward a new destination. However if we can learn to balance the load, and how to pack the bag correctly, we can not only move forward but make it to new destinations that once seemed out of reach.  Look at the baggage you are packing. If you have heavy things that have to come, put them at the bottom of the bag where they wont break the other smaller things in your bag. If you have some messy baggage, try compartmentalizing it and putting it in a ziplock bag so it won’t get on everything else and ruin the whole bag. Also, if you are looking for a pro tip, here is a good one, take unnecessary things out of the bag! The load is lighter and a lot easier to carry!

Life is hard by itself. Don’t make it harder by carrying an awkward load!


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