Choosing Frustration

This week is a CRAZY week for my husband and I. Either one of us has something every single night. On Sunday we were going over the schedule and he told me it was going to be a long week. In my mind I thought of course it is going to be a long week, but longer for me than you. I wasn’t willing to give him credit for his week being hard because I felt like mine was going to be worse. The more I thought about the week the more irritated it made me. I went to sleep Sunday night and I was fine.  Monday I woke up fine until I remembered how irritated I was, and how it was my RIGHT to be irritated. It occurred to me that I was actively making the choice to hold onto a frustration instead of allowing it to slide away.

Resentment or grudges do no harm to the person against whom you hold these feelings but every day and every night of your life, they are eating at you. Norman Vincent Peale

Think about how many times you have held onto hurt feelings, resentment, frustration, or any other negative feeling, who has it hurt? It absolutely doesn’t hurt the person you are holding the negative feelings for. Most times, people either have no idea that they have hurt you, or it doesn’t matter to them that they have. The only thing that happens is you are weighted down with the pain of the emotional baggage.

Don’t ever give somebody the power to make you unhappy. If you chose to let the negativity go, you will always come off the winner. By choosing to be positive you are denying somebody else power to control the way you feel.

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