Taking (or Making) your Lumps

We all have those days where nothing seems to go as planned. The ones where your to do list is longer at the end of the day than when you started. What makes these days worse is when the frustration is self inflicted. Today I decided to make a birthday cake for my daughter. I am not really a cake decorator or a planner but I do know that by cooking it the day before it is easier to work with the next day. I got my kids to bed 10:00 got started. My original plan was to bake a pink cake and make it look like Minnie Mouse. Well as I started pulling out pans I found a nifty insert my mom had given me years ago that would let me put rings of different colors in the cake. Pink and white it is. I pulled out the box and threw the ingredients in the bowl. I went to grab my mixer and then I realized the beaters were still dirty from Monday. No problem, I will just grab a whisk. I pull the drawer open only to remember my children have developed a recent love for whisks and I can’t find any of the three I own. Ok. Forks can do anything a whisk can do. Well at least they can if they are clean. What about a spoon? Nope won’t beat the lumps. I finally settled on a purple plastic toddler fork and hoped the batter wouldn’t have noticeable lumps.  What makes this entire story even worse is that I have an empty dishwasher just waiting to be loaded. It has been empty since yesterday. I didn’t at any point consider my dishes to be the priority in my day and it ended up making my evening harder than it needed to be.

It is so easy to do this day to day. We take the immediate win, (I consider not having to clean my kitchen a win) only to sacrifice our long term happiness. If I had taken 5 minutes to load the dishwasher my kitchen would have been cleaner, I would have felt less hectic and I would have had what I needed when I needed it.

Take a look at what priorities you have set for the day and decide if they will help you with your short term satisfaction or your long term happiness and adjust accordingly. Hopefully you can work out the lumps.

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