Meet Me at the Urinal

Sometimes we get blinded by what we think we know. (Click here for an example involving cows.) I would suggest that even more often, we get blinded by what we feel. When I was younger I participated in  organized sports. I was invested 100%. I rejoiced in the victories, and wallowed in pits of despair after … Continue reading Meet Me at the Urinal

Don’t Negate Me

I watched a clip recently where a comedian spoke about how she got her start in the comedy world. She started out in an Improv club where they would hone their skills in reacting to odd ball scenarios. (Think of the old tv show Whose Line is it Anyway?) The only rule in their interactions was they couldn't … Continue reading Don’t Negate Me

Choose Joy

Life is plain hard. There is no way around it. Life has a never ending bag of tricks to try, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, sadness, fear, insecurity, and the list goes on and on. With each new blow, it is natural to feel upset. Negative thoughts are like water. They keep rolling down the path … Continue reading Choose Joy