Chicken Hunters

Have you ever tried to do something kind for someone, only to have it backfire on you? Ever since we got married my husband has wanted a dog. When we moved into our own home he was finally able to get his beloved Bosco.  I am not really a dog person but tried to love on … Continue reading Chicken Hunters

FOMO – It’s real

I'm married to a self proclaimed second guesser. If he buys the red car, then a week later he'll wonder if he would have been happier with the blue car. If he takes one job then three month later he thinks about the opportunities he MIGHT have missed by not taking the other.  He isn't … Continue reading FOMO – It’s real

Reflections of Fear

I recently read a quote about trauma that is applicable in a myriad of situations. It essentially read that our our progression with struggles are not linear. Rather they are circular. We will continue to come back to the same frustrations and pains. However, each time we circle back, we are stronger from having experienced […]