Personal Trainers

My brother and I recently had a discussion about the connotation of different words. If I say I am coaching somebody to help them have better self esteem, that is a completely acceptable approach. If I say I am training somebody to get this same result, it all of a sudden becomes an entirely different … Continue reading Personal Trainers

You are the driver

  I know today, there are lots of people using Google Maps or Apple Maps to get them where they are going. It wasn't that long ago that plug in GPS units helped people get where they were going. They were pretty handy at keeping the driver on track. The Garmin model I used would … Continue reading You are the driver

Choose Joy

Life is plain hard. There is no way around it. Life has a never ending bag of tricks to try, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, sadness, fear, insecurity, and the list goes on and on. With each new blow, it is natural to feel upset. Negative thoughts are like water. They keep rolling down the path … Continue reading Choose Joy